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Additional information Fresh Golden Teacher Mushrooms Buy Fresh Golden Teacher Mushrooms straight from our farm 2023. The Golden Teacher mushroom strain is among the most popular psychedelic fungi, highly sought by shroomers and growers alike. There are a lot of many things about the Golden Teacher shrooms which contribute to their popularity. Golden Teacher Mushroom For Sale Online Near Me-Buy Now in usa

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Golden Teacher Magic Mushrooms

 Golden Teacher Mushroom – A spiritual classic that has been around for ages. The shining yellow-gold caps and wise teachings give this mushroom strain it’s rightful name.

Golden Teacher magic mushrooms! A timeless classic that has been passed down for ages. The shining yellow-gold caps and wise teachings. Give this mushroom strain it’s rightful name. With a magic mushroom grow kit from this psilocybe cubensis mushroom. You can expect medium size to large mushrooms with wide caps, ideal for spore printing.

Introduction to the Golden Teacher cubensis

The Golden Teacher strain is a favourite among cultivators and psychonauts for years. Cultivators love the Golden Teacher spores because they grow in great flushes. And psychonauts love them because the psychedelic journey. Of these mushroom are known to have a profound almost spiritual impact.

The Golden Teacher magic mushroom strain is a psilocybe cubensis. A species of psychedelic mushroom whose main active elements are psilocybin and psilocin.

The p. cubensis species is the most well-known psilocybin mushroom. Because they have been distributed and they are easy to cultivate in a home setting.

The history of the Golden Teacher magic mushroom

Some believe a specimen of the Golden Teacher was found growing wild in Florida. Appearing first during the mid 1980’s. The word spread around fast. Because of the recognizable golden caps with yellow speckles on it. Compared to other Psilocybe Cubensis types. The Golden Teacher magic mushrooms are quite large and elegant in its appearance.

There is an alternate theory that the Golden Teacher was actually a Hawaiian PES. Renamed by an Dutch grower, because: “sometimes right before the veils break. When the primordia are at their largest size before becoming mature. The entire shroom can have a golden yellowish colour. Which vanishes when maturity starts to set in. ” Source: from currently offline.

Shroom Dosage Chart

*The magic mushroom dosage chart below is for dried shroom products.

Level Dose (Grams) Effects For Who
Microdose 0.2 to 0.5 No visible changes, no loss of control Microdosers or new experimental users
Low 0.5 to 1 Light euphoria, minor distortions Beginner users
Medium 1 to 2 Increased euphoria, deep introspection, heightened mood Intermediate users
High 2 to 3 Heavy introspection, open-mindedness, heavy hallucinations Heavy users
Extreme 3 to 4 Intense psychedelic experience Extreme Shroomies


Golden Teacher Mushroom For Sale Online Near Me-Buy Now in usa
Golden Teacher Mushroom For Sale Online Near Me-Buy Now in usa










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